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Welcome to Your Journey to Find Peace and Healing

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My Practice

From a young age, I knew I wanted to help others. With a background in law enforcement and hospitality, I finally found my calling when I became a mental health professional. After becoming a mother in 2017 my world changed and so did I. Becoming a mother inspired me to reach my highest potential for myself and to set an example for my daughter by taking the path to become a mental health therapist. Our paths are often not straight lines but instead woven and full of intricate stops along the way to something more fulfilling and mine has certainly been such. 


I specialize in women's issues, anxiety, depression, perinatal mood disorders (anxiety, depression, OCD,  PTSD, bipolar disorder, psychosis), life transitions, adjustment issues (move, career, health), relationship issues, parenting challenges, communication issues, stress, job burnout, workplace trauma and toxicity, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. I am trained in perinatal mood disorders, CBT, DBT, IPT, and Mindfulness techniques. I also will use other modalities when the client's goals and needs dictate other techniques that are better suited. I tend to use an eclectic approach to counseling because as individuals we may be bringing multiple issues to the table during a single session calling for different interventions. When we don't fit into a neat box (and who does, right?) our needs require more than a script and set allotment of sessions to deal with the issues life has thrown us. Currently, I do not accept insurance, however, I will be offering several group therapy classes which could minimize out-of-pocket expenses for those not able to invest thousands of dollars and months of their time to address issues such as parenting conflict and stress, anxiety, job burnout, and perinatal mood disorders.  

I provide mental health services to help you address your needs and goals and I offer support as you navigate your personal mental health and wellness challenges. I work with clients closely in order to achieve measurable results that allow them to push forward with a new, positive mindset. Please browse my site and reach out if you are interested in working with me. I will be offer telehealth to clients whom reside in South Carolina, as well as in home and in office sessions in the Spartanburg area. I offer free 20-minute consultations to help determine if I am a good fit for you and your needs. 

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One-on-one sessions with a provider who takes the time to tend to your mental health plan every week before and after your session. Where one can be in control of their mental health plan by setting attainable goals with a clinician using a holistic approach to your mental health with evidence-based practices.


The benefits of individual therapy with social support connections. Beginning Summer 2023. Sessions will be 90 minutes and occur twice weekly for 6 weeks according to the necessary protocol for the group type (anxiety, depression, perinatal, grief, trauma, etc.). 


The process of healing for deeply rooted traumas which present with significant dysfunction within the client's emotional, social, developmental, and physical wellbeing. Therapy of this type is a commitment and the client should prepare for a minimum of 6 months, 1 session per week. 

“The beginning is always today”

Mary Shelley


Spartanburg, SC, USA


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